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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brimming the Online Market: Molson Canadian Finds Success with Online Social Media

Molson Candian has done an extraordinary job infiltrating online media platforms. Molson uses the patriotism many Canadians live by to transmit the message within their product. There is a sense of ubiquity about all things Canadian around the world. Molson is towing the Canadian line with it's product online; it's everywhere!

Molson Canadian has obviously done it's homework in the field of effectiveness online. Molson is tweeting, blogging, managing a delicious account, an interactive website and a Youtube Channel. I am specifically considering the Molson presence on Youtube.

The Molson theme revolves around patriotism and appreciating the Canadian landscape and it's role in shaping us as Canadians. The marketing slogans surround the awesomeness of Canada and Canadians. Whether you love Molson beer or not, you have to love they're commercialism because it's about loving Canada. As a Canadian, it's hard to ignore Molson slogans like, I am Canadian or It Starts Here or Made in Canada

The Molson strategy online and the effective way they contribute it specifically on Youtube, from a PR perspective is worth admiring.
  • People: The people Molson is connecting with is broader than just beer drinkers. Molson's audience is targeted as Canadians. Molson is strategically tapping into Canadians as whole and the emphasizing the bond we all share that is our proud landscape.

  • Opportunity: Particularly with the Olympics on home territory in the gorgeous setting of the Canadian West coast, the Molson brand as proud Canada was brimming with opportunity. So many of the Youtube posts emphasize the beauty, the bond and the beer that Canadians connect on. The opportunity to reach a broad market quickly is one of the essences of Youtube. Molson grabbed on and is consistant enough with postings to stay relevant.

  • Strategy: Youtube is perfect for Molson to display their key messages. The 2010 Olympics gave Molson a fabulous venue to penetrate Canadian values and the Molson Hockey House was the ground control. The visual key messaging Youtube provides is brilliant and Molson gets it. Canadian patriotism, home-grown products, love of nature and participation in it, easy-going people on a camping trip enjoying beer. Molson uses scenes most Canadians crave; hanging out with friends outdoors on a fun trip.

  • Technology: Molson's Youtube channel is #3 this month alone for Most Viewed. The latest (and greatest) beer commercial has been viewed on the Molson channel just under 200 000 times this month. An ode to Canada for the kick-off of the 2010 Olympics was perfect and the immediate success of airing it on Youtube speaks for itself. Molson engaged the online potential of Youtube as a burgeoning force.

Youtube as an advertising technology is great for it's immediacy. Brand production on TV productions are considered the most effective way to communicate.

Why television? "The fastest way to engage people to think with their hearts and feel with their brains is via SIGHT, SOUND and MOTION."

(Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi)

The Youtube Molson channel is casual, meaningful and fun. As the Youtube platform aligns with a myriad of other online media tools, Molson is ahead of the online adveritising curve as the brand presents itself on so many forums consistantly and effectively.

Youtube is just one of several other social media outputs Molson is engaging. To review some other modes of online messaging Molson is using, please check out my classmates' analysis. Kiel (Twitter), Danyel (Blog), Erica (Facebook), Catherine (Branding) and Niru.

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  1. Interesting read. Never thought Molson had this huge an impact on YouTube.